Fulfilling Your Own Online Orders Here Are 5 Things to Consider to Ensure Efficiency f

Fulfilling Your Own Online Orders Here Are 5 Things to Consider to Ensure EfficiencyFulfilling Your Own Online Orders? Here Are 5 Things to Consider to Ensure Efficiency

Third-party fulfillment is when part or all of the order and distribution process of a business is outsourced to one or more other companies. While warehousing can make up part of this, there are a number of other elements involved. When a business uses a third-party fulfillment service, all it needs to do is source and sell goods, leaving the rest to other companies. Many retailers, particularly in the world of e-commerce, are turning to third-party fulfillment services to support their business model and there are a number of key reasons why.

Following are 4 reasons why online retailers should use a third-party fulfillment company to fulfill their orders:

1. Streamline Operation
The primary reason you should consider using a third-party fulfillment company to fulfill your orders is that it can streamline operations and simplify the overall fulfillment process. It takes a lot of administration work to creating a new logistics department within your business, which can lead you away from your primary business objective. Outsourcing this to professionals will ensure that the job is done efficiently. With an experienced fulfillment provider, you can expect increased orders within peak hours, offering your customers the best service possible.

2. Safer and More Effective
It can be quite costly to run and maintain your own warehouse, as the expenses like staff, maintenance, rent, inventory, etc. all add up. And if there are any mistakes, it can increase these costs even more, so in most situations it is more effective and safer to choose a third-party fulfillment company from the beginning. While outsourcing is an extra expense that you will need to factor to your overall business budget, it is guaranteed that it is going to be more cost-effective as opposed to paying for the extra facilities and staff. Not to mention, the right fulfillment company will help ensure that there will be less costly mistakes made.

3. Scalability

Third-party fulfillment companies can scale their efforts according to the demands and needs more quickly as compared to most small companies. By using such a provider, you can have more flexibility in terms of the warehouse space that they use. Rather than leasing a set amount of space for the long haul, the company will make adjustments in the amount of space they use as seasonal fluctuations change the amount of storage space needed.

4. Volume Discounts
A third-party fulfillment company has more buying power as it works with multiple clients. So, it is able to buy thousands of cardboard boxes and packing materials. Rather than shipping 50 packages a day, it can ship hundreds or even thousands. Because of the larger volume, there is more room to negotiate better shipping prices with the major shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and others.

These are some of the reasons why online retailers should use a third-party fulfillment company for the purpose of fulfilling their orders. Working with such a company can offer a lot of advantages, particularly since outsourcing allows you to spend more time focusing on other aspects of your business, e.g. product development, marketing, and sales.

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