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Third Party Logistics (3PL) service providers are not all the same. If you are tired of experiencing 3PL shipping mishaps, let us show you why E-Comm Fulfillment 3PL’s dedication and services are the solution you have been hoping for.

3PL Warehousing
Your inventory won’t sit idle on a loading dock. Our seamless order management system enables you to stay on top of your inventory and reorder levels. At our 3PL warehouse, shrinkage is not an option…but in the rare event that an item is lost or broken while in our care, we will reimburse you.

3PL Fulfillment
Fulfillment mistakes cost your E-Commerce business money, and if not handled properly, they can cost you customers as well. The fulfillment of your online orders is the core of our operations, so we guarantee same-day fulfillment with 100% accuracy on every order.

3PL Shipping
Once your orders have shipped, our job continues by securing updated tracking information from the shipping carrier so that your customers can monitor their shipment, and you can ensure a timely delivery.

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Our Easy & Efficient Process

1. Automated API Integration

Our software integrates with your online store to ensure a seamless and efficient fulfillment process, making your 3PL fulfillment experience effortless and accurate.

2. Same Day Pick & Pack

All orders are picked, packed, and shipped out the same day, as long as the order is received by 12pm, or in some cases even later. We work fast, so that your customers maintain a great impression of your brand.

3. Returns Processing

Order returns are a reality of doing business online. We quickly process returned shipments to ensure that your customers receive their refund as fast as possible.

Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing

Our pricing model is up front and easy to understand, and even more importantly a cost-effective solution.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

In every part of the fulfillment and shipping process, our innovative software keeps tabs on every single order.

Inventory Storage
Inventory Storage

Storing your inventory at our facility helps streamline your operations and consolidate your supply management.

System Integrations
System Integrations

To manage the most complex part of your order fulfillment process, our software integrations tie it all together.

Consistent Reliability
Consistent Reliability

Accuracy is a key component of every process we manage, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers.

24/7 Customer Service
24/7 Customer Service

Our support team sets us apart, being always ready and available to assist and give you peace of mind.

Fast & Efficient Turnaround
Fast & Efficient Turnaround

Meeting increasing demands for speed, we turn incoming orders to outgoing shipments in record time.


Location & Contact Info

Riverside, CA

Phone: (951) 742-5496

Email: info@ecommfulfillment3pl.com

Address: 250 Palmyrita Ave Suite 1

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm

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